PVBC loves to worship!  In order to help our church family feel like they know “our songs” and are familiar with what we sing every week, we build our worship sets around a core of 50 songs for the year.  These aren’t all the songs we’ll sing, but they are the songs that we’ll sing most often, and most of every worship set will be composed of these songs.  So, if you are a part of our church family, we invite you to play these songs everywhere in your life and get to know them well!  

Also, if you are considering trying out PVBC and want to know the kind of music you should expect to sing when you visit, listening to this playlist would be an excellent way to preview our worship style and setlists.  

Either way, we hope that you will worship with this music frequently throughout your day, and we look forward to being able to “Worship Together” with you soon! 


Pastor Jason 

Pleasant View Bible Church

Pleasant View Bible Church