Pam Peters

Church Secretary

Pam has been married to her husband Scott for 41 years and they have two adult children, Robert & Mindy.  Robert and his wife Melissa, son Elias Jack and daughter Adeline Lynae live in Warsaw, IN.  Mindy, her husband Matthew, son Seth Parker and daughter Lydia Sue live in Rolling Prairie, IN. Pam has served as secretary since August of 2007. Some of her responsibilities include finances and preparing the bulletin.

Patti Robertson

Church Secretary

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Church Officers


  • Mike Hontz: Senior Pastor
  • Jason Alley:  Worship/Children’s Pastor
  • Kevin Ewton: Youth/Outreach Pastor
  • John Erickson
  • Terry Harnish
  • Gib Knoop
  • Brent Mencarelli
  • Wes Sigler
  • Randy Swanson
  • Mike Carl (non-governing)
  • Pete Gross Sr. (non-governing)
  • Paul Lewis (non-governing)
  • Ryan Petgen (non-governing)
  • Gary Robertson (non-governing)
  • Ron Wildman (non-governing)
  • John Woods (non-governing)


  • Jason Alley: Pastoral Liaison
  • Jacob Crone – Chairman
  • Chris Bremer
  • Duane Breske
  • David Lee
  • Nick Prentice
  • John Rider
  • Trey Stoll


  • Mike Hontz: Pastoral Liaison
  • Shad Sibert: Chairman
  • John Woods: Maintenance Supervisor
  • Mike Beaver
  • Eric Bohnke
  • Rick Collins
  • John Dougherty
  • Ralph Meyer
  • Bryan Sponseller

Missions Team

  • Mike Hontz &
  • Kevin Ewton: Pastoral Liaison
  • Mike South: Committee Chairman
  • Patty Beachy
  • Jeff Hodges
  • Ben Laborde
  • Lisa Mundinger
  • Marc Plastow
  • Bob South
  • Michelle Thurtson
  • Richard Wolfe

Pleasant View Bible Church

Pleasant View Bible Church